Daily Schedule
(Sunday through Thursday*) 

6:15am FiveAlive
7:20am Physical Health Development
8:10am Chassidus
9:10am Davening Preparations
9:20am Hisbonenus
9:25am Hodu
10:15am Breakfast
10:55am Clean-up & Chores
11:10am Class 1 - Niglah
12:00pm Break
12:10pm Class 2 - Niglah
1:00pm  Break
1:10pm Class 3 - Chitas / Rambam
2:00pm Mincha
2:15pm Lunch
2:50pm Sports
4:10pm Back from Sports
4:30pm My Shlichus & Skill Development
6:00pm Circle
7:00pm Maariv and Cheshbon HaNefesh
7:15pm Dinner / Phones / Games 
9:15pm Phones & Games Shut Off
10:00pm Sleeping


Class/Program Descriptions

A unique method of Chassidus group learning. 

Physical Health Development
A time for exercise to get our bodies moving. Weight training with personal trainer Levi Levinson. Healthy, nutritious, delicious snacks will be served at this time.

There will be one main class and shluchim to learn with in chavrusa

Davening Preparations
Restroom; prepare the body for davening; karbonos and putting on Tefillin.

Hisbonenus (Meditation)
Five-minute Hisbonenus session.

Niglah (Revealed Aspects of Torah)
During the first two classes of the day, emphasis will be on Nigleh. When someone has a passion and interest for something specific within the Nigleh aspect of Torah, we will encourage it as much as possible.

Besides the on-campus courts and fields, there is a really nice park a short, five-minute jog away with basketball courts, football/soccer/baseball field, volleyball sand court and tennis courts. Optional activities such as Jiu Jitsu classes and personal training will be available.

My Shlichus and Skill Development
Each person has G‑d given talents that need to be developed into applicable skills. The “My Shlichus and Skill Development” program is designated for just this purpose. Each student will work on whichever skill is needed for him to have his impact on the world and fulfill his Shlichus in the world.  This time slot is split in two sessions: the development of skills as well as exploration of new fields and professions. We will, with G‑d’s help, have professionals give us research to initialize us into his field of expertise. The professional will spend some time with us and present his occupation and passion and give some time for Q&A. He will share with us the Hashgacha Pratis he’s seen and experienced in his life. When applicable, we will then go on a “field trip” to witness what a day in that profession looks like. The student thus has the opportunity to be exposed to professions in which he has potential interest and talent.

This is a powerful bonding experience where we all sit together and share what's on our mind and in our hearts. There are times when we will have an idea or theme which is discussed and hear everybody's input and experiences they choose to share. In this way, we build our emotional connection, understand each other better, and reach the impossible together.

Cheshbon HaNefesh
We will spend a few minutes each evening thinking about ourselves as we make an accounting of our day to see what is going well, what we would like to improve upon, and plan for the next day. Spending time on introspection and reflection is an important investment in oneself.

Trips and Outings
We plan various weekly activities outside of the ordinary schedule both on- and off-campus.

There will, G‑d willing ,be a modified schedule on Fridays which will include Shabbos preparations and Mivtzoim.

Modified schedule for Shabbos will include Shabbatons, themed Shabbos, eating with the community and in-house Shabbos (which may include hosting, games, Farbrengens, and programs).