VIP Bochurim Excited to Celebrate 13th Summer on Florida Campus 

“In addition to providing a one of a kind fun summer and working with each teen on his own personal development and growth in Torah, Avodah, and Gemilus Chassadim (TAG) we are going to demonstrate to each Bochur his special significance and that they are a VIP Bochur!”

Imagine a Chabad Yeshiva That…

“We have no words to express our gratitude and appreciation for our child’s every valuable day at TAG. Every day our son is experiencing new growth, in a place where he feels appreciated, accepted and valued.” 

TAG Students Bring Energy and Joy to South Florida 

Koby Lerner who serves as administrator of TAG Academy commented, “And TAG is just getting started, we have so much more in store for our students and for the Jewish community at large. Stay tuned!” 

Mother’s Letter to New Teen Yeshiva in Florida 

An incredible model for what many of our youth today desperately need, TAG Academy and its amazing staff are truly trailblazing a new era of Torah true education; raising Chassidim in a healthy balanced way. 

New Florida Yeshiva To Evolutionize Education 

A life-changing directive of the Rebbe 30 years ago is coming to fruition with the opening of a new yeshiva in South Florida. TAG Academy, an acronym for Torah, Avodah, and Gimilus Chassadim, will create an individualized educational experience for Bochurim ages 14-16.