Rabbi Aizik Chanin, Rabbi Pinny Andrusier & Rabbi Zalmy Raksin

Rabbi Pinny Andrusier - Dean 


Rabbi Aizik Chanin - Educational Director 

Rabbi Aizik is loved and respected by his students and the many others under his tutelage. He nurtures and cares for them with sensitivity, patience, and devotion while emphasizing the importance of individualized education. Rabbi Aizik, based on the Rebbe’s approach, strongly encourages the teens to uncover and develop their G‑d given talents, interests, and passions and apply them in their service of HaShem. 

Rabbi Zalmy Raksin - Executive Director 

Rabbi Zalmy began his journey as an educator at age 19 and has helped hundreds of teens and young adults connect to Judaism in a personal, healthy, and balanced way. As a certified rabbi, life coach, grief recovery specialist, and Mind Map therapy coach, Rabbi Zalmy has a unique ability to aid individuals in their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development. 

Rabbi Shmuly Hurwitz 

Rabbi Shimon Andrusier 

Koby Lerner - Administrator 

Noach Wilansky - General Manager 

Levi Levinson - Personal Training 


Dovid Chanin 
Schneur Gordon 
Aryeh Zeiler 
Dovi Brody 
Yosef Bankholter
Levi Laufer